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Water Quality Monitoring Services

    SubChem Sensor Systems has experienced personnel and oceanographic instrumental systems that are available to assist you with your coastal water quality  monitoring investigations. We specialize in time-series nutrient measurements form both fixed and profiling moorings, and also using the SubChem Analyzers the XZ-Profiler  or REMUS AUV for real time mapping of chemical distributions in coastal waters.

 Real Time Surveys
 Multi-Nutrient Data
 Rapid Response
 High Resolution Profiles
 In Situ Calibrations
 Trace Concentrations
 Accurate Determinations


 Nitrite, nitrate, iron, 

 Ammonia, phosphate, silicate 

 Oxygen, pH, chlorophyll

 Irradiance & attenuation

 Salinity, temp, density, pressure

 Directional current velocity

 GPS, sample & bottom depths

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