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The XZ-Profiler

     The XZ-Profiler is a  lightweight towed instrumentation package that has been specifically designed for real time 2D mapping of chemical distributions and plumes in coastal waters. An Acrobat light-weight tow vehicle model LTV-50 (Sea Sciences) carries the instrument payload. The electronically integrated suite of instruments includes the new SubChem Analyzer and a Model SBE25 Sealogger CTD with auxiliary sensors (Sea-Bird Electronics). 

    The SubChem Analyzer and its deck box have been electronically configured to provide regulated underwater power and serial data communication for all of the instrumental components that comprise the XZ-Profiler. This depth keeping or undulating chemical profiling system is designed for towing at a speed of about four-five knots.

Real Time Parameters

NO2, NO3, PO4, NH3, Si, Fe, oxygen, pH,

Chlorophyll, irradiance, attenuation,

Salinity, temperature, density, pressure,

GPS, sampling and bottom depths.

Click here to see some field results.

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