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News and Publications

Selected Media Coverage

Powerhouse in Oceanography Turns 50      Providence Business News - June 20, 2011.

SubChem to build lab on Bay campus - ADAM C. HOLLAND ; Providence Journal; Jan 5, 2004; pg. B.01

INNOVATORS - A WINDOW ON THE BAY - ANDREA L. STAPE ; Providence Journal; Aug 16, 2001; pg. E.01

Floating some loans - Slater Center aids marine firms - ANDREA L. STAPE ; Providence Journal; May 7, 2001; pg. E.01

URI Acquires Coastal Monitoring Equipment with $250,000 Navy Grant, URI Press Release Narragansett, R.I.--April 30, 2001

Technology firms benefit from Slater Center      Providence Business News - April 10, 2000.

Researchers at URI Graduate School of Oceanography and SubChem Systems, Inc. to develop new technology to track contaminants in Narragansett Bay     URI Press Release, May 15, 2000.

$316,000 awarded to ocean tech firms - WILLIAM J. DONOVAN ; Providence Journal; Mar 31, 2000; pg. F.01

Oceanographers receive $2.9 million grant for water sampling technology  The URI Pacer Vol. 17, No. 1 September 1999.                 SubChem Sensor Systems is conveniently located on the University of

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              University of Rhode Island Narragansett Bay Campus Bay   

URI developing new wave of ocean sensors - PETER LORD; The Providence Journal; Jul 10, 1999; pg. A.03 


 New businesses - Providence Journal Bulletin; Oct 03, 1996; pg. F.08                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               

Selected Publications and Presentations

2011  Emerging Requirements and Applications for Chemical Sensing Payloads on Autonomous Underwater Vehicles.

            by Alfred K. Hanson, 2011 Ocean Tech Expo, Newport, RI.

2009 Sustained, Autonomous Coastal Nutrient Observations aboard Moorings and Vertical Profilers

            by Peter J. Egli, Scott P. Veitch, and Alfred K. Hanson in Oceans'09 MTS/IEEE Biloxi Conference Proceedings, 26-29 Oct. 2009. pp.9.

2001 Real-Time Nutrient Surveys in Coastal Waters

            by Alfred K. Hanson and Casey Moore, Sea Technology, 42(9): 10-14.

2000 A New In Situ Chemical Analyzer for Mapping Coastal Nutrient Distributions in Real Time

            by Alfred K. Hanson in OCEANS 2000 MTS/IEEE Conference Proceedings, 3:1975-1982.

1998  Micro- to Fine-scale Chemical Gradients and Thin Plankton Layers in Stratified Coastal Waters

        by Alfred K. Hanson and Percy L. Donaghay in OCEANOGRAPHY (1998), 11(7): 10-17.


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