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Northeastern Regional Association of Coastal Ocean Observing Systems

URI-GSO Nutrient Sensing Lab

The inability to make routine nutrient measurements at the same space and time scales that are possible for temperature, salinity, and chlorophyll fluorescence has created a critical gap in our understanding of ocean biochemical and ecosystem processes. Fortunately, considerable investment and progress in nutrient sensor development has occurred recently, and several optical and reagent-based nutrient sensors are available commercially. Optical nitrate sensors and reagent-based nutrient analyzers are commercially available in configurations that are suitable for extended moored deployment.

URI has been funded by NERACOOS/NOAA to establish a nutrient sensing facility in the Center for Marine and Atmospheric Chemistry, located on the campus of the Graduate School of Oceanography (GSO). NERACOOS has a long-term goal of obtaining and analyzing in situ, time-series measurements of nutrient concentrations by deploying commercially available sensors at key NERACOOS locations and time periods. http://www.neracoos.org

The plan is that the URI Nutrient Sensing Laboratory would ultimately oversee the care-taking, analytical calibration, operation, deployment and data processing for in situ nutrient sensors deployed on moorings, and other observation platforms. This nutrient monitoring effort will begin in Narragansett Bay and Long Island Sound and ultimately extend to other locations in the NERACOOS region, as sufficient funds from NOAA and other agencies become available. Research to date has focused on evaluation and demonstration deployments for four different commercial nutrient sensors, primarily in coastal Rhode Island waters.

1)   Submersible Ultraviolet Nitrate Analyzer (SUNA) (Satlantic, Inc.)

2)   ChemFIN nitrate/nitrite analyzer, (SubChem Systems, Inc.)

3)   CYCLE-PO4 phosphate analyzer(WET Labs, Inc.)

4)   Autonomous Profiling Nutrient Analyzer - APNA,  a multi-nutrient analyzer (SubChem Systems, Inc.)

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 Contact for URI-GSO Nutrient Sensing Lab: Dr. Alfred Hanson,  Email: akhanson@uri.edu, Tel: (401) 874-6294.

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